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As a GCU student you are automatically a member of the Students' Association and it's our mission to make sure you are properly represented.

Each year all students elect four full time officers to the Executive Committee, to represent the views of our students.The Executive Committee is made up of a President and three vice presidents covering Education; Wellbeing; and Activities. The Executive Committee form part of a larger group of students know as the Student Voice which meets several times throughout the year. Student Voice is responsible for deciding what issues the Students' Association should be campaigning on, what activities we run and what services we provide. Members of Student Voice are also elected.

The Students' Association also supports the Class Representatives who are the heart of representation and are elected from every level of every programme in the university by providing training and advice throughout the year. Because not all issues raised can be resolved at a programme level, we also appoint nine School Officers to work with Class Representatives to raise issues at higher levels within the university. School Officers are paid a small amount of money to recognise the commitment required by their role.

For the really big issues we want to make sure that all students get to have a direct say. When we have an important question to ask we hold a referendum. Through online referenda we can make sure that the decision taken truly represents the view of all of our members. Because these decisions are so important they can only be overturned by another referendum.

Representation doesn't stop at the edge of the campus, your Students' Association is a member of the National Union of Students (NUS).As part of NUS we work together with representatives from colleges and universities across Scotland and the UK. Collectively we work to make sure that the views of all of our students are represented at a national level whether we are discussing tuition fees, student visas, HMO licenses or anything else decided by Scottish or Westminster governments.

                                                       Your Students' Association is here to stand up for you.


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